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We accept payments by bank transfer and childcare vouchers.

We are part of the Welsh government 30 hour childcare scheme, which is available for all working parents who work 16 hours or
more and self employed parents.
This is not means tested and available to all.

If you claim Tax Credit you may be able to claim childcare costs. 



Dragon Tots

Monday - Friday

Ages 2 and up

12 noon - 3.00pm

Registration fee £10*

2+ £18.00 per session

3+ £16.00 per session


After School Club

Monday - Friday

Ages 3 to 11

3.00pm - 6.00pm

Registration fee £10*

£16.00 per session


Holiday Club

Monday - Friday

Ages 3 to 11

8.30am - 4.30pm

Registration fee £10*

£32.00 per day

*Non refundable registration fee of £10.00 per child is only to be paid once, allowing access to all 3 of our settings.
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